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Himaya Organic Sunscreens


HIMAYA Sports Sun Protection  has been created to develop performance sunscreen products that help protect the skin of active people who spend long periods of time in the Sun.

People who participate in outdoor sports place themselves at a high risk of overexposure to UV radiation which can result in long-term skin damage, such as sunburn or worse, skin cancer.

Sweat, contact with water and the elements are all common conditions under which most outdoor sports are practiced, and all reduce the ability of a sunscreen to protect the skin. Protection from the Sun with a high performance sweatproof and waterproof sunscreen is therefore essential.

HIMAYA is dedicated to producing functional sports sunscreens that withstand all adverse conditions of the sports environment so that the cream remains on the skin to provide the Sun protection that it needs.

HIMAYA devotes an enormous amount of time and energy towards intense product research and development, both in the laboratory and in the oceans and on the mountains around the world. Because there is nothing to replace actual field testing, HIMAYA works intimately with its Team of professional water and mountain sports athletes to ensure the best sweatproof and waterproof formulas are developed.

All HIMAYA products are manufactured to Australian, FDA, EEC, Japanese and South African standards.