Sunscreen & Sport – Sunscreens under sporting conditions

The conditions under which most outdoor sports are practiced alter the effectiveness of a sunscreen to protect the skin. Under these sports conditions, certain factors become more relevant than when under non-active conditions. When lying on a beach towel next to the water you may only require an SPF15 sunscreen to see you safely through an afternoon of sun exposure. However, when practicing sport your environment changes dramatically, as do … [Read more...]

Factors affecting UV intensity affects the amount of time you can spend in the sun

UV Intensity

Many factors can affect UV intensity, which subsequently alters the UV Index. This then affects the amount of time you can spend in the sun before starting to burn. 85% increase from snow reflection 48% increase at 3000 metres (9843 feet) 25% increase from white-water reflection 80% of UV rays pass through cloud 15 – 25% from sand & grass reflection (40% when wet) 15% reflection from concrete buildings 50% can be reflected … [Read more...]