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Himaya Organic Sunscreens


The primary aim of HIMAYA Sports Sun Protection is to make the best product available.Quality ingredients and thorough research and development achieve this, with a continued quest to make new and better products led by cosmetic and dermatologic research.The development strategy of the lab is enhanced by feedback from the field and the requirements of the HIMAYA Team of professional athletes. The biochemists then analyse the data to answer the demands of the Team; new tests are then developed to meet the challenge. After continued laboratory tests and improvements in the formula, cosmetic upgrades ensure the skin and bodys welfare. The new HIMAYA formulas are then resent to the Team for further testing under extreme conditions in the ocean and on the mountain.With this ongoing strategy, HIMAYA has successfully made major breakthroughs in UV protection for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The ingredients are one of the most important parts of the formulas* and to this end HIMAYA is relentlessly researching new and innovative technologies.
*Although the HIMAYA formulas are not tested on animals, some of the athletic
test team have been described as such.: testimonials