HIMAYA Organic Sports Formula


and our Oceans

Himaya Organic Sunscreens


After three years of rigorous testing and development, HIMAYA launched the first of its sports suncream lines: the Organic Sports Formula.  This advanced protective cream is a totally waterproof and sweatproof sports suncream that contains long-lasting active moisturisers, as well as essential vitamins C and E to nourish the skin and protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.Bottle_sm

HIMAYA ingredients have been certified by an independent third party for organic origin – from seed to factory. This insures the highest quality with no pesticides or herbicides and an additional 12% nutrients from organically-farmed products.

This 100% natural sunscreen does not contain any animal products, and is produced in strict accordance with vegan principles.

Nature has evolved without the direct manipulation from one species. HIMAYA uses only natural ingredients and no genetically modified organisms to create natural sunscreens.

Whether shooting rapids in freshwater or duck-diving in saltwater, HIMAYA sport sunscreens stay on the skin to provide the long-lasting sun protection you need.

Thousands of hours have been logged in testing and refining the sweatproof performance of HIMAYA sport sunscreens, maintaining maximum protection while allowing the skin to sweat naturally through the sunscreen.

The immediate and long-term effects of traditional chemical sunscreens have been shown to contribute greatly to reef destruction, most especially in regions of high sport and tourism. 100% natural sunscreen allows these delicate marine systems to continue thriving and maintain the balance of our precious oceans.

The skin absorbs 64% of what’s applied to it. HIMAYA natural sunscreens protect you with 100% natural ingredients, keeping your skin safe from both chemicals and the sun.

HIMAYA selects physical sun filters that reflect the sun’s rays away from the body, thereby protecting the skin. Chemical UV filters absorb the sunÕs rays and subsequently break down, thus dissipating the solar energy through chemical change with the resulting compounds remaining on the skin.

HIMAYA believes in leaving this planet how we found it and do our best to run a company that represents this belief, and so offset all carbon dioxide created in production of this organic sunscreen.

Sun, wind, cold, and altitude all remove moisture and nutrients from the skin, leaving it distressed and weakened. HIMAYA sports sunscreens include a special combination of moisturisers that even stay active in subzero temperatures and salt water, helping the skin maintain its natural defenses against the elements.